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Our focus is on providing an experience that builds relational capital as well as financial capital.

We’re pleased to offer the range of services that best fit your auction and budget.

Professional Auctioneering
Jesse has been selling to crowds for more than a decade. Having an understanding of the people, market and items allows him to maximize return on donated items. He focuses on providing an entertaining environment where constituents feel comfortable supporting the cause.

Registration and Checkout
Through our experience in conducting commercial auctions, we have the technology and staff to provide an unobtrusive registration and checkout service. Capturing contact information, distributing materials and collecting funds at the end, we can handle all the details.

Clerking and Ringing
You have more important things to focus on than recording sale price and buyers. Let us clerk the auction to ensure accuracy and clarity. Some venues call for additional help working and surveying the crowds. We can provide “Ringmen” to make certain no money gets left on the table.



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Consulting services

We’ve found that many people are looking for additional input on how they can grow and enhance their event. We’re prepared to partner with you to offer a greater level of management and event planning.

Event planning

Fundraisers can take a great deal of coordination, planning and oversight, Let us execute your vision and help manage your event.

added revenue

Looking to add more revenue generating activities to your event? We have experience implementing fun and engaging activities to expend on normal silent and live auctions.

Committee meetings

Sometimes committee meetings can use an outside perspective to inject vision and direction into the early stages of the event. Greater Good can partner with organizations from day 1.


Auctioneering - $500

Clerking - $200

Ringing - $300

Professional sound system - $175

Registration and Checkout services - including auction company personnel, use of computer system, bidder cards, payment collection, invoicing and post sale reports - $1,000

For complete auction management pricing, please call us to discuss your needs and goals. We can tailor a services package to handle every aspect of the event.

*Pricing meant to be a guide only. Actual pricing may vary depending on auction day requirements. Please call us for a firm quote of service cost.


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Jesse Teitsworth has been a full-time, professional auctioneer for more than a decade. Having conducted benefit auctions for political campaigns, non-profit organizations, community groups and need-based events, he understands the importance of capturing every dollar. He strives to add value and entertainment to every event and contribute based on the needs of the organizers.

Jesse has won several bid calling awards at the state level for clarity, rhythm and energy. He adjusts his chant to ensure that even a person who has never attended an auction before can feel comfortable bidding and buying.

He has also received the National Auctioneers Association designation of Benefit Auctioneer Specialist. This is an intensive training course designed to equip auctioneers to handle the challenges and nuances of a fundraising auction. Charity auctions require a different skill set and focus than a commercial auction does and Jesse seeks excellence at all auction industries.


Please call or email us to discuss how we can partner with you to make your benefit auction an even greater success.

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